Redevelopment Case Study Series: Lynnhaven Manor, Abbotsford

Case Study

BC Housing conducted research looking at examples of where BC Housing worked with non-profit housing providers to redevelop. Since 1957, Lynnhaven Society operated housing for low-income seniors in Abbotsford with 40 detached ranch-style multi-bedroom units. In 2010, the society reached an agreement with developer Algra Bros to swap sites so the society could access funds to redevelop. The new site was redeveloped using an Algra Bros design for micro-units. It has 64 bachelor units in two towers, which serve low-income seniors and adults with disabilities.

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About the redevelopment case study series

This case study series highlights examples of how BC Housing has worked with non-profit providers to facilitate redevelopment of affordable housing sites, as well as captures some of the lessons learned from those experiences. These case studies can spark ideas for non-profit housing providers in B.C. and across Canada that may be considering redevelopment of their sites.

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