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Education & Training

Information for builders and education providers, including new residential builder requirements and CPD.

Builder qualifications

Qualification Requirements for New Residential Builders

General contractors must meet qualifications for a new residential builder licence. Find out about the training and experience required.

How to Use the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Process

Learn about how to qualify for a new residential builder licence using a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition review. 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Acceptable Training for CPD

Discover what CPD training you can take, where to take it, whether it can be formal or informal, and how many points you need.

Choosing a Nominee for CPD

Every licensed company must identify who is meeting CPD requirements on its behalf. Learn the rules about who can qualify, and how to change a nominee.

How to Report CPD

CPD can be taken any time during your licence term. Learn about tracking your hours, the points you can claim, and how to view your running total.

Keeping a Record of Your CPD

Keeping records is vital to CPD.  Learn where to get training documents, the format required, and what to do if they’re incomplete.

Your CPD timetable

Is your residential builder licence going to expire soon? Find out when you should take your CPD training.

Education providers

Education Providers & Training

Education providers play a vital role in BC’s builder licensing system. Learn who can provide training, and the difference between training for qualifications and CPD.

Core Competency Requirements

If you are applying for a new residential builder licence as a general contractor, you must show proficiency in seven core competencies.