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Acceptable Training for CPD

  1. Overview
  2. Finding Training Opportunities
  3. Checklist Before You Enrol
  4. Documentation & Costs
  5. Formal Training
  6. Informal Training
  7. CPD via Employer Training
  8. CPD via Research
  9. CPD via Education Development
  10. CPD via Suppliers and Service Providers


All general contractors wishing to renew their licence to build single-family homes and small residential buildings in B.C. must take Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Training accounts for a minimum of 20 of the 40 points you will need to maintain or renew your residential builder licence. However, in some cases — such as when you only have limited active practice points — training may account for most or all the 40 points you need.

The training you take must be directly related to residential construction and address one or more of the core competencies:

  • Relevant enactments: that is, the purpose of the BC Building Code and BC Fire Code (including the Vancouver Building Bylaw) and how they apply to residential construction
  • Construction management and supervision: including project planning, cost estimating, scheduling, materials procurement, scope of work changes, contingency planning, site reporting, site safety and staff/contractor management
  • Construction technology: including building durability, control of heat and moisture flow, building envelope features, mechanical systems and structural components, and the effect of climate and soil conditions
  • Customer service and home warranty insurance: including maintaining positive customer relations, implementing a customer service plan and responding to defects identified under a home warranty insurance policy
  • Financial planning and budget management: including basic accounting, construction financing and contingency planning
  • Legal issues: including contract and consumer protection law, the land title registry, obligations respecting insurance and home warranty insurance, builder liability, the Homeowner Protection Act and Builders Lien Act, dispute resolution, and the effect of provincial enactments and municipal bylaws
  • Business planning and management: including strategic business planning, management and administration
  • Business ethics: could include topics such as corporate governance, reputation, bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility and fiduciary responsibilities

More than 50 per cent of your CPD must be in relevant enactments, construction management and supervision, construction technology, customer service and home warranty insurance — or a combination of those four subjects.

For CPD purposes, training can be formal or informal. Please note that formal training has greater CPD credit value.

If you have any questions about the suitability of a course, seminar or workshop, contact us for guidance.