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Acceptable Training for CPD

  1. Overview
  2. Finding Training Opportunities
  3. Checklist Before You Enrol
  4. Documentation & Costs
  5. Formal Training
  6. Informal Training
  7. CPD via Employer Training
  8. CPD via Research
  9. CPD via Education Development
  10. CPD via Suppliers and Service Providers

7.CPD via Employer Training

Any employee can participate in employer training. However, only the CPD nominee can earn credit for the training.

Employer training qualifies for informal learning credits, so you will get one CPD credit for every hour of learning that you complete.

Employer training must be relevant to the B.C. construction industry, with its primary focus on one or more of the competency areas listed above.

An employer can engage a training provider to deliver CPD training at the workplace for one or more full-time company employees. Employers can also team up to engage the same training provider and expand the number of participants.

As with all types of CPD training, a record is required and should be prepared by the employer.