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Acceptable Training for CPD

  1. Overview
  2. Finding Training Opportunities
  3. Checklist Before You Enrol
  4. Documentation & Costs
  5. Formal Training
  6. Informal Training
  7. CPD via Employer Training
  8. CPD via Research
  9. CPD via Education Development
  10. CPD via Suppliers and Service Providers

8.CPD via Research

Research can be an acceptable method of getting CPD informal learning credits, too. Research counts as informal learning credits, so you will get one CPD credit for every hour of informal learning that you complete.

Participation must meet all of these criteria:

  • The area of study or examination must be directly linked to one or more of the competency areas listed above.
  • The research must be directed by an organization or association considered by BC Housing as suitable to carry out this research. This could include: construction associations, government and other public agencies, or other education institutes defined in the University Act, the College and Institution Act or the Private Career Training Institutions Act. Contact us if you are unsure of suitability.
  • There must be a formal process to conduct the research. For example, you might be an active member of a research committee established by the organization. This committee would have clearly identified objectives, structure and a completion timeline. In rare instances, research could be conducted without a committee, providing there are terms of reference or a contract established by the organization for you.
  • The licensee must keep documentation of a nominee’s active engagement and a complete outline of the research. Any documentation of participation would come from the organization or association that’s leading the research development. In the case of committees, the documentation would consist of the minutes of each committee meeting. Applicants don’t need to provide the documentation when they apply for CPD credit, but it must be available for review upon request from BC Housing.

Sometimes a research committee may call upon an industry organization to provide strategic input or comment on new research findings, or to draft industry building standards, such as building code development. Should this organization establish a structured review committee, anyone who’s also pursuing CPD can take credit for the time they serve on the committee.

The industry organization must provide documentation, such as research committee minutes, of a nominee’s active engagement. It must also be readily available from the licensee if we ask for it.