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Keeping a Record of Your CPD

If you are a residential builder licensed as a general contractor, you must take Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Keeping records is an important part of CPD.

These records provide written confirmation and evidence of your CPD participation. They also act as a companion to your journal of active practice, which is the log of your hours spent in CPD.

BC Housing can audit your CPD participation at any time, which is why it’s mandatory for you, as a licensee or former licensee, to keep an up-to-date record of your reported CPD activities for at least three years following the end of the respective CPD period.

Training record

A training record is comprised of specific documentation prepared by the training provider. The documentation, which clearly identifies you as a student of the specified training, includes:

  • A description of the training
  • When the training took place
  • The organization delivering the training
  • The learning method
  • The number of hours
  • Confirmation that you attended

If you take formal training, the documentation would also include evidence of your successful completion. This could be a certificate or similar evidence that you passed a graded examination or assignment.

Training documentation and format

Your training provider will supply the required documentation. You should always check with training providers before you start the training that they will be handing over that documentation to you.

You must keep a copy of your record of completion and give us a copy of the training records if requested. We recommend that you scan printed versions of the documentation as PDFs. Then it’s easy to track the records and make them available if required.

Keeping CPD records

All licensees and former licensees are responsible for keeping records of each completed CPD activity for at least three years. It’s important that the nominee hands over CPD records when the CPD is taken, because the licensee must have proof of each completed CPD activity.

By doing so, you will prevent a situation where records cannot be obtained from a nominee who has left the company. Please note that the requirement for proof applies to all CPD activities, including log books for active practice and proof of participation in the development of research and education.

What happens if you have no documentation?

If you have no documentation or incomplete documentation, we may deny the credits that you claimed. Without alternate earned credits, your licence application will be in jeopardy due to an incomplete CPD program.

If you have difficulty getting evidence in the specified format, contact us as soon as possible to find out what we may consider as acceptable evidence. Ideally, contact us before you start the training, if possible. Call 604-646-7050 or 1-800-407-7757 or email