Homeowners & Homebuyers

Become better informed before purchasing a new home, and learn about home warranty insurance coverage and claims.

Buying and selling new homes

Using the New Homes Registry

Our registry is a tool for homebuyers, realtors, lawyers, local governments, and others to check the status of a new home or a new home under construction.

Buying a New Home

Looking to buy a new home in B.C.? Check if it was constructed by a licensed residential builder and if it has third-party home warranty insurance.

Buying a Previously Owned Home

When buying a previously-owned home, make sure you know when it was built, who built it, and if it has third-party home warranty insurance.

Home warranty insurance

Home Warranty Insurance on New Homes

Learn about home warranty insurance coverage in B.C., including possible exclusions, coverage limits, commencement dates, and exemptions.

Maintenance on Homes

Improper home maintenance could impact your home warranty insurance. Understand your obligations and find resources.

Home Warranty Insurance Claims

Learn what to do if you find a potential construction defect before your home warranty coverage expires.

Repair Warranty Insurance on Building Envelope Renovations

Learn about warranty insurance for building envelope renovations, plus what to do if you find a defect.

Building Envelope Renovation Regulations

Not all envelope repairs require warranty insurance. Find out about requirements under the Regulations, and find information to help your repair plan.

Consumer complaints

Dispute Resolution

Learn about your options for dealing with residential construction and warranty insurance disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

Builder Complaints

Learn how the consumer protection provision shields consumers from bad business practices. Find out how to report a possible breach of that provision.

Warranty Complaints

Check your rights under your home warranty insurance, address concerns with claims decisions and how claims are handled, and learn how we can help.