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Non-Profit Training & Resources

Training opportunities and support resources for employees of non-profit housing providers and co-ops.


Asbestos Training

Learn the fundamentals of asbestos management with our free eLearning course.


SkillsPlus is a property maintenance skills training program currently offered to all provincially-funded, non-profit housing providers


The HUB is BC Housing’s Downtown Eastside Learning Centre and serves as a resource for learning and meeting space for all of our non-profit partners and community agencies.

Vulnerability Assessment Tool (VAT)

The Vulnerability Assessment Tool (VAT) is used for determining eligibility and allocating services and housing for adults experiencing homelessness.

Operational Resources

Finance Questions

Get answers to common questions about subsidies, policies, taxes and budgets.

Financial & Operational Reviews

Learn how to prepare for your financial or operational review. Find answers to common questions. Download forms, guides and templates.

Non-Profit Governance

Find answers to common questions about governance. Download forms, guides and templates.

Program Guide

A helpful resource that provides generic information and acts as a general guide to all BC Housing programs.

Privacy Toolkit

Practical information about PIPA, including links to BC Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner’s guidance documents and templates that your organization may find useful.

Rent Calculation Guide

Get guidance on how to calculate the Tenant Rent Calculation. Use this for residents living in subsidized 'rent-geared-to-income' units  as well as co-op members paying housing charges geared to income. 

Tax Guide

Check the tax guide for help understanding how the federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) applies to non-profit housing operations.

Tenant Engagement Toolkits

Engage your tenants in sustainable living with our livegreen Energy Conservation Toolkit and Waste Diversion Engagement Toolkits.

Resources A-Z

Find any document, guide or template on our master list of resources.

Non-Profit Portfolio Managers

For additional assistance please contact your regional Non-Profit Portfolio Manager.