Lets Talk Housing: a Podcast by BC Housing

A Podcast about BC's housing affordability crisis and those delivering innovative and exciting affordable housing solutions. 

British Columbia is world-renowned for its natural beauty, diverse communities, and thriving culture. It’s also known for being in the grips of a housing affordability crisis decades in the making, which has been compounded by a poisoned drug crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Province has an ambitious plan to address the crisis through the largest investment in housing affordability in BC’s history. 

Tasked with building tens of thousands of homes in hundreds of communities is BC Housing, the province’s agency responsible for developing, managing, and administering a wide range of subsidized housing and homelessness services across the province. 

BC Housing doesn’t do this alone. To address the challenge, they’re working with hundreds of partners. In Let's Talk Housing, a 12-episode podcast, you’ll get to hear from those delivering innovative and exciting affordable housing solutions. 

Hosted by Sara Goldvine, episodes address deep-rooted societal issues:

  • the right to affordable, accessible, and culturally appropriate housing
  • mental health challenges
  • homelessness
  • meeting the needs of women and children leaving violence
  • fostering community acceptance
  • the role of the private sector

Let’s Talk Housing is available on Apple Podcasts and all other major podcast streaming platforms.

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Sara Goldvine
Vice President, Communications
BC Housing