Christine Lamb Residence

Christine Lamb Residence

Case Study

Christine Lamb Residence opened in 2012 in Abbotsford has 41 self-contained units. This project provides transitional housing for women and children who are at risk of homelessness or fleeing violence. This case study explores concerns that were raised about the site and the strategies used to gain community acceptance.

Christine Lamb Residence

Property Values Supplement

This case study supplement explores the impact of supportive housing on property values in the surrounding area.

About the Case Study Series

This case study series documents the experiences of supportive housing sites that gained neighbourhood acceptance. The purpose of this research is to help future sites better address neighbourhood concerns at the initial stages of a project. Sharing lessons learned also helps identify strategies to improve relationships with neighbours of existing social housing sites.

Read the Community Acceptance Series Overview for a summary of all five case studies in this series.