Discover the attributes our employees display during their work day. 

Applicant services personnel

How do you work best? What makes you most successful?

We asked our staff and executives to describe the skills, attributes and aptitudes we value most at BC Housing. These core competencies form the framework for our recruitment processes, learning and growth initiatives, performance management and succession planning. The characteristics include:

  • Personal effectiveness – Our employees take pride in their work. They are versatile and innovative, and they embrace opportunities for personal growth.
  • Communication – Our employees are excellent communicators. They send clear messages, listen, show empathy, invite feedback, manage conflict and are able to adapt their personal style when required.
  • Results-oriented – Our employees help us achieve our mission. They support our common goals and are accountable for their personal actions and outcomes.
  • Teamwork – Our employees make us a successful team by contributing their personal strengths and valuing the contribution of others.
  • Service-oriented – Our employees assess needs and expectations, and deliver services with fairness and respect to internal and external clients alike.

Leadership competencies

Are you ready to lead at BC Housing? If you are supervising or managing other people, we’re looking for sound leadership competencies from your previous roles.

  • Alignment and results – Our leaders inspire and influence others to fulfil the shared vision and mission for BC Housing. They foster a culture that supports continuous service improvement and high service standards. They think strategically and use every opportunity to connect our daily tasks with our corporate vision. Our leaders are accountable for themselves and their teams. They get results by considering external factors and internal resources in the decision-making process.

  • Relationship building – Relationships are a critical success factor for BC Housing. Our leaders create and cultivate goodwill with staff and stakeholders. They value the input, expertise and collaboration opportunities these relationships provide. They are accountable for their perceptions and behaviours and are sensitive to the impact they have on others.

  • Team development  – Our leaders provide support and resources so employees can improve their skills and effectiveness. They build upon the strengths of our people to achieve or exceed our goals. They encourage accountability and foster learning and development opportunities. As an organization, we support our leaders taking calculated risks that support our staff to be confident in their contributions.