Committees of the Board

Five standing committees support the role of the Board of Commissioners in fulfilling its governance and oversight responsibilities.

Each committee includes a minimum of three commissioners, along with the committee chair.

Audit and Risk Management Committee

Committee Chair: Barb Carle-Thiesson
This committee ensures the audit process, financial reporting, accounting systems, management plans and budgets, and the system of corporate controls and risk management are reliable, efficient and effective.
Terms of Reference for Audit and Risk Management Committee

Corporate Governance Committee

Committee Chair: Aaron Sumexheltza
This committee ensures BC Housing develops and implements an effective best practices approach to corporate governance.
Terms of Reference for Corporate Governance Committee

Human Resources Committee

Committee Chair: Katherine McParland
This committee provides a focus on senior management human resource and compensation issues.
Terms of Reference for Human Resources Committee

Capital Review Committee

Committee Chair: Perry Staniscia
This committee provides oversight with respect to capital projects, including approving and monitoring an annual capital plan.
Terms of Reference for Capital Review Committee

Community Relations Committee

Committee Chair: Penny Gurstein
This committee directs and supports BC Housing's work in the areas of communications, research, social housing sector relations, and sponsorships.
Terms of Reference for Community Relations Committee