Supplier FAQ

Opportunities are open to all who meet the qualifications and requirements of that particular opportunity.

On the BC Bid, you can review opportunities for BC Housing.

BC Housing does not have a specific list of approved suppliers. We post all our public tenders on BC Bid. Anyone is welcome to subscribe, and download opportunities.


  1. Arrange to accept direct deposit for payment
  2. Tell us what kind of work you do
  3. Let us know if your organization is a social enterprise or Indigenous business

Depending on the type of work you do for us, and whether you will be working on our sites, we may ask for additional information, such as around insurance, WorkSafe or hazardous material. Email for more information about your specific requirements.


The selected supplier’s name is posted on BC Bid once the contract is awarded.


You can complete our Bid Dispute form to obtain more information if your bid wasn’t accepted or to receive clarification from BC Housing.

  • Click to find out more about BC Bid.

When you or your employees will have unsupervised access to any our of our sites.

Employers: refer to the Criminal Records Review Program Online Services for information regarding registration.

Individuals: please fill out a Consent to a Criminal Record Check and indicate BC Housing under Organization type in Part 2


When you will be providing an opinion to BC Housing that we will use to make decisions.

We require a minimum $2,000,000 Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) for all suppliers who will be on our sites and who do not have project-specific insurance. Bring our Certificate of Insurance Form to your insurance agent to complete.

All suppliers who have employees who will be on site must provide a WorkSafe BC clearance letter, or a letter explaining why they are not eligible for WorkSafe BC coverage.