BC Housing is accountable to the Minister of Housing through a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Mandate Letter

The Mandate Letter provides specific government direction from the Minister of Housing to the Board of Commissioners. This letter describes the relationship between BC Housing and the provincial government, and mandates specific direction from the government to BC Housing until the end of the current Minister’s term.

Board Leadership at BC Housing

The Board of Commissioners oversees policy implementation and direction and, in cooperation with senior management, sets strategic direction. The board also monitors BC Housing’s performance based on the province’s planning and reporting principles. 

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference establish responsibilities and duties in fullfilling BC Housing roles, including: 

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Relationship with B.C. Government

Public sector management direction for Crown corporations and other public sector organizations is set by the Provincial government. This includes guidelines, polices and legislation related to achieving public policy objectives, serving the public interest and demonstrating accountability to B.C. and its citizens.

Homes for People

BC Housing implements and reports on progress related to the Homes for People action plan.

Standards of Conduct Policy

BC Housing has a Standards of Conduct Policy designed to maintain and enhance the public’s trust and confidence in our organization. The policy applies to employees, commissioners of the board of BC Housing, contractors, service providers and volunteers who are expected to adhere to its standards in the course of their duties.

Employees and commissioners of the board also have a duty of loyalty to BC Housing. Their fairness and the impartiality in the conduct of their duties must be exemplary.

Public Interest Disclosure Act

B.C.'s Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) is provincial legislation that provides a safe, legally protected way for current and former public sector employees, including BC Housing employees, to report serious or systemic wrongdoing.

To make a disclosure or seek advice under PIDA as a current or former employee, contact the Designated Officer via BC Housing’s PIDA Reporting office:

Email: [email protected]
Toll Free Phone: 1-833-946-1750
Confidential Fax: 1-877-725-3082
Confidential Mailbox: #252 – 2055 Commercial Dr, Vancouver BC, V5N 0C7