Bid Centre

BC Housing uses BC Bid and Merx to notify businesses about public tender opportunities.

Effective June 14, 2019, BC Housing's pubic tender opportunities will no longer be published on Merx e-tendering. All public opportunities will be published on BC Bid with only a notification of the opportunity being posted on Merx.

Procurement principles

BC Housing commits to doing business in a fair, open and transparent manner. We work to obtain value for money and meet our needs with a high level of quality and service. We are also committed to sustainable procurement and strive to apply sustainability principles in all aspects of our business. Finally, supporting a strong, self-reliant Indigenous sector is a priority.

BC Bid

  • To view public opportunities, check pubic bid results and awards, please visit

Get notifications for new opportunities

  • If you would like to receive notice of new BC Housing public tender opportunities, we encourage you to register with BC Bid.
  • If you register, the Service will send you notifications, via email, or bid opportunities posted in the commodity groups and/or locations that you select when registering.