We publish numerous reports and plans that provide accountability and transparency to our stakeholders, clients, government and the general public.

Service Plan

The Service Plan outlines our goals, objectives and performance measures for the next three years. Updated annually and published in February, it describes our strategic direction, operating environment and financial plan.

Recent Service Plan Reports

Annual Service Plan Report

The Annual Service Plan Report outlines our performance against the Service Plan. Updated annually and published in July, it describes prior year performance in the following areas: strategic directions, as set out in the Mandate Letter from the Ministry of Attorney General and Responsible for Housing; performance measures; actions to support the government's Taxpayer Accountability Principles; and financial statements.

Affordable Housing Quarterly Progress

BC Housing offers a range of subsidized and affordable housing options across the province. This report explains progress toward ensuring residents of BC have affordable places to call home.

Board Reports

The Affordable Housing Investment Plan Report is a report that previously was prepared for BC Housing’s Board of Commissioners. It has now been replaced with the Affordable Housing Quarterly Progress report, which is a public report highlighting the progress made in creating and opening new affordable homes for British Columbians.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) Report

Public Interest Disclosure Act began to apply to BC Housing in December 2022. Read our quarterly report on disclosures of wrongdoing to the Board of Commissioners for more information

Financial Reports

As a Crown agency of the provincial government, BC Housing provides public access to its statements of financial information under the Financial Information Act and other regulations. Information about the Act can be found on the Ministry of Finance's website.

Pay Transparency Report

BC Housing is pleased to be in the first wave of employers to provide an annual Pay Transparency Report in alignment with the BC Pay Transparency Act. Focusing on pay equity in relation to gender, this report is an important step in identifying and assessing pay equity gaps. The foundation for additional research and data analysis, this report will assist us as we put strategies in place to address, reduce and remove systemic barriers to pay equity.

Extreme Heat Reports

Both of these reports were created at the request of the Board of Commissioners for BC Housing following the extreme heat event in Summer 2021. Tragically, during that event 619 people died across the province, out of which 54 deaths occurred in 46 community housing sites funded by BC Housing. We offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences to all those who lost loved ones or were injured during the heat dome of 2021.

Sustainability and Resilience Strategy

The Sustainability and Resilience Strategy is a guide to include sustainability and resiliency practices into our work. It is used to advance and protect our investments from future shocks, climate change or other global incidents. This strategy is also driving innovation and leadership decisions across the housing and construction sectors. 

Climate Change Accountability Report

The Climate Change Accountability Report (formerly Carbon Neutral Action Report) focuses on our actions related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from all BC Housing leased and owned buildings. Also included, our vehicle fleet and office paper-use. 

The scope of this work includes hundreds of residential buildings across the province and over one million square meters of floor space. 

Sustainability and Resilience Report

The Sustainability and Resilience Report describes BC Housing’s sustainability and resilience performance and compares these results to the targets set in our Sustainability and Resilience Strategy.


Archived Reports & Plans

Service Plans

Annual Service Plan Reports

Executive Compensation Reports

Conflict of Interest (COI) Declarations