Corporate Reports & Plans

We publish numerous reports and plans that provide accountability and transparency to our stakeholders, clients, government and the general public.

Service Plan

The Service Plan outlines our goals, objectives and performance measures for the next three years. Updated annually and published in February, it describes our strategic direction, operating environment and financial plan.

Recent Service Plan Reports

Annual Service Plan Report

The Annual Service Plan Report outlines our performance against the Service Plan. Updated annually and published in July, it describes prior year performance in the following areas: strategic directions, as set out in the Mandate Letter from the Ministry of Attorney General and Responsible for Housing; performance measures; actions to support the government's Taxpayer Accountability Principles; and financial statements.

Affordable Housing Quarterly Progress

BC Housing offers a range of subsidized and affordable housing options across the province. This report explains progress toward ensuring residents of BC have affordable places to call home.

Board Reports

The Affordable Housing Investment Plan Report is a report that previously was prepared for BC Housing’s Board of Commissioners. It has now been replaced with the Affordable Housing Quarterly Progress report, which is a public report highlighting the progress made in creating and opening new affordable homes for British Columbians.

Financial Reports

As a Crown agency of the provincial government, BC Housing provides public access to its statements of financial information under the Financial Information Act and other regulations. Information about the Act can be found on the Ministry of Finance's website.

livegreen Housing Sustainability Plan

This plan outlines how we fulfil our commitment to environmental and social responsibility while delivering housing programs and services. It contains sustainability targets and measures for the plan’s three pillars: integrated decisions, housing excellence and change agent. It is updated on an as-needed basis.

livegreen Sustainability Report and Carbon Neutral Action Report

These reports describe our sustainability performance results. The livegreen Sustainability Report describes prior year performance against the Sustainability Plan, while the Carbon Neutral Action Report focuses on actions and results in reducing greenhouse gas emissions for buildings, for our fleet and for reducing paper use. These reports are updated annually and published in the spring.