Emergency Management - BC Housing's role in a disaster or emergency

BC Housing provides BC communities impacted by a disaster or emergency with post-disaster building assessment support and long-term housing recovery solutions.

Responding to a disaster

BC Housing has several key functions during an emergency response and recovery: 

  • Post-Disaster Building Assessments (PDBA)  
  • Recovery 

Post-Disaster Building Assessments (PDBA)

  • Building capacity for both the public and private sector by offering training in: 
    • Rapid Damage Assessment (RDA)  
    • Coordination of Damage Assessment (CDA) 
  • Leads the Building Damage Assessment Branch at: 
    • Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre (PECC)  
    • Catastrophic Earthquake Response and Recovery Centre (CERRC) 
  • Organizes provincial damage assessment support for local authorities or Indigenous communities when needed 


  • Works with Indigenous communities, local authorities, and partners to develop long-term housing solutions 

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