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Sustainable Waste Management

We are committed to contributing positively to local communities and reducing the negative environmental and social impacts of our activities.

Reducing waste through sustainable construction

We are committed to reducing waste in all aspects of our business. The companies we work with must meet or exceed the following targets:

  • Companies in the Lower Mainland must meet or exceed 80 per cent waste diversion from landfill.
  • Companies on Vancouver Island must meet or exceed 60 per cent waste diversion targets.

Contractor obligations

Payments to contractors can be withheld if the Waste Management Tracking Form is incomplete or not submitted on a quarterly basis. Additional requirements include:

  • Tracking and reporting on all demolition projects, regardless of the project cost
  • Tracking and reporting on waste diversion for all projects over $100,000
  • If BC Housing is funding 50 per cent or more of a new project, completion of the Tracking Form is required.

Our sustainability principles

Environmental: design, renewable material, logistics, disposal options, greenhouse gas reductions, waste reduction and toxic use reduction

Economic: achieving the best value for money and impacts to the economy such as lifecycle costs, as well as community benefits and opportunities

Social: training and development opportunities, fair trade labour practices, fair wages, small and medium Aboriginal enterprises, social enterprises and responsible manufacturing

Innovation: opportunities to stimulate the market to innovate and produce more effective sustainable options

Supplier Performance Program

We monitor and evaluate the performance of our suppliers once a contract is signed and the work is progressing. If a supplier produces unsatisfactory work, we will address the issue through a non-conformance report. Our Supply Chain Management Department will work with you to resolve any differences.

The BC Housing Supplier Performance Program is designed to:

  • Acknowledge suppliers who perform good work
  • Raise awareness of underperforming suppliers
  • Improve the quality of work provided to meet BC Housing standards