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Contract Essentials

If you're interested in becoming a BC Housing supplier, please familiarize yourself with our contract essentials.

Contract value thresholds

To meet trade agreement and legislative and policy requirements, we publicly advertise all purchases of goods greater than $25,000 or services greater than $100,000 on MERX and BC Bid. Please note that all public tender submissions must be made through MERX.

For purchases of goods less than $25,000 or services less than $100,000, BC Housing may invite eligible suppliers to submit quotes or bids.

How can I become an eligible supplier?

  1. Arrange to accept direct deposit for payment
  2. Tell us what kind of work you do
  3. Let us know if your organization is a social enterprise or Indigenous business

Depending on the type of work you do for us, and whether you will be working on our sites, we may ask for additional information around insurance, WorkSafe or hazardous material. Email for more information about your specific requirements.


Once we’ve hired your company, we’ll send you a contract. This could be a purchase order or a Master Service Agreement and will include BC Housing's General Terms and Conditions .

Construction contracts are a specific type of contract. They may also include supplementary general conditions. See Construction Contracts for more information.

Supplier performance

Our Supplier Performance Program is designed to:

  • Acknowledge suppliers who perform good work
  • Raise awareness to underperforming suppliers
  • Improve the quality of work provided to meet BC Housing standards

Our Supplier Nonconformance Report and Corrective Action Form assists to track and resolve any performance issues should they arise.